Membership Agreement


    • Attendance
    • Each member shall be required to make at least 60% of all club functions. Attendance to be averaged in 6 month periods
    • Each member will not miss more than 4 consecutive meetings.
    • No member will be permitted to attend a meeting for which they arrive 30 minutes or more after the meeting has started.
    • Membership
    • Each member will be responsible for completing the membership agreement application, application, and Code of Ethics
    • Each new member will be required to pay the Dues prior to joining.
    • Dues will follow the Club’s fiscal year of April 1-March 31. May be subject to change.
    • New Members are allowed up to three visits before decision.
    • One Member per professional category.
    • Dues will be $400 Annually. Dues may be payed annually or automatically withdrawn from a checking account ($30/month) There is a one-time $50 initiation fee for automatic monthly payments set-up.
    • Meeting Conduct/Fines
    • $1.00 fine for no leads at a meeting
    • $5.00 fine for any ringing cell phone during a meeting.

All rules and memberships may be amended, enforced, mitigated, and be given allowanced by the board of directors


As members of PLaNT (Professional Leadership and Networking of Twin Falls), we are guided by this “Professional Code of Ethics.” As professionals we serve with honesty, integrity, courtesy, and competence using our knowledge and skill for the advancement of commerce in our communities. We obey all laws and accept total responsibility for our actions and we treat all members with fairness.

    1. We protect and will not disclose any PLaNT leads information without the approval of our fellow members and will not take advantage of this information.
    2. We confer with our members in our members in sufficient detail to understand each concern or need and will match our service to our referral’s need.
    3. We keep the interests of our leads given as our highest priority and respond to these interests in a prompt and equitable manner.
    4. We offer advice and accept only those assignments we are truly qualified to perform.
    5. We represent ourselves and our companies in manners that are honest, truthful, and easily understood.
    6. We refuse all assignments in which we have a conflict-of-interest or which might compromise our professional independence. We do not allow any outside interest to negatively affect the quality or results of our work.
    7. We compete fairly and give appropriate credit for the work of others.

Plant Membership Agreement

Plant Application

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