Who Are We?

PLaNT is a leads group in Twin Falls that meets every Tuesday to enjoy a good lunch and to talk to each other about our businesses. The group is very fun and informal. Each of the people that attend get to introduce themselves and their business to everyone. After we have introductions, we have a quick sales corner presentation and then we turn the remainder of the time over to one of the members of the group to do a full presentation about their business. After the main presentation is over, we hand our leads to each other. If you have given a lead that week, or if you have a new lead for someone in the group, you pass that out. If you don’t have a lead, we allow members to “pass” this week but they donate $1.00 to a pot of money that is drawn after all of the leads are done. One of the leads is drawn out of a jar and the winner gets the money that was donated by members that didn’t bring a lead.

We have a great time. Your lunch is paid for by your dues. Everyone leaves having had a great experience.

Please come be our guest for a couple of weeks to see if this leads group is right for you.

Clint Carter
President of PLaNT
Professional Leadership and Networking of Twin Falls

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